Hitting the Trails

Redfern Evolution is stepping outside of the park and onto the trail, for this years Oxfam Trailwalk. This year is a massive year for both myself as a trainer and also for my clients. We are all jumping outside of our comfort zone and into the unknown to tackle the challenging 50km and 100km Oxfam Trailwalk.

On-the-Run Winter Breakfasts

The mornings are getting a lot colder as winter approaches! Getting out of bed starts getting harder and the snooze button on the alarm clock is getting more of a workout than usual. Looking forward to a healthy, warm and fuzzy breakfast may just be the motivation to bounce out of bed!

Client Stories – Redfern

I started my EVO journey in January 2015 at Redfern Oval under the watchful gaze of Adam, along with a host of characters (human and animal) who wander/fly in and out of the park during our sessions.  Where else can you have a dog jump onto you whilst concentrating on a plank, or a kitten taking residence under your butt during a bridge hold?!

Action, Action, ACTION!

I am all about ACTION at the moment. Not sitting around waiting, not sitting around thinking about the possibilities of what I could do, or what would happen if I did that… I am saying YES more and just getting on with things, not procrastinating or saying I will do it later or tomorrow or next week, but giving it a go now and seeing what happens next…

HIIT – What is it and how can you benefit?

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)… you either love it or you hate it, but chances are you choose it anyway, at least for 1 or 2 of your weekly workouts. HIIT is a very popular way of training to achieve some of the most commonly sought after results including weight-loss, improved cardio, increased muscle endurance and better overall movement and agility. 

Comfort In Discomfort

The human body is made for movement. We are capable of amazing physical feats. Yet, our perceived limitations and social dogma continually prevent us from tapping into our true potential…

What makes our Evo’s special? Client stories part 2

I’m 65 now, I was just a baby at 59 for my first EVO session. I was walking through Waverton park one Spring morning and saw the flyers … and the rest, 1,100+ sessions later, is history. I think I’ve kind of rusted on to Evo…