Train Like a Girl (Pt 2)

A week ago I wrote part one of this edition looking at the way in which we hold females in training. In part one we tackled the idea that the physiological difference between males and females was not as exaggerated in strength and fitness as some have you believe…

Train Like A Girl (Pt 1)

This is always going to be a potentially controversial topic to write about, but as you would all be aware, I never really shy away from telling you what I think. Being the feminist warrior that I am, I think the recognition of inherent social inequalities are incredibly important to discuss. I will start by saying, boys, I haven’t forgotten about you…

No such thing as Overtraining – Just Under Recovery!

In the fitness industry there is always a lot of talk about the best training styles and what types of training best help you achieve your results. But as every regular exerciser would have experienced at one time or another, plateaus in your training happen! If I am smashing myself with 100% effort in every session then why am I not just continually seeing the results of training?

Running – You don’t have to hate it.

It doesn’t have to be the Zombie apocalypse for you to be running. So many people find the thought of running a nightmare, and I’ve had many clients say they’d rather attempt a hundred burpees than run a few km’s!