Goals of a Champion Winter Warrior

In the process of creating any champion of Winter Warrior, it is impossible to not bring up the idea of Goals. When I talk about Goals, I think it is incredibly important to connect them with your mind and emotions as well. Let me tell you straight, when I was going through school and used to hear about goals when I never liked them…

Desire – Is this all it takes?

As we are going through the Winter training journey at training, we are going to dissect what is needed for the profile of a Winter Warrior and how this can be projected into the rest of your life. The first quality and first attitude that shows up before anything is achieved at training, is desire…

The Golden Age of Strength & Conditioning – Why do we ‘Train’?

For the first time in the modern training era, there is an unparalleled cross discipline exchange among training practices and theories of human movement. For example, most training practices are now an interdisciplinary melting pot of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, olympic lifters, gymnasts, kettlebellĀ lovers, dancers, yogis, pilates instructors and the list goes on…

No such thing as Overtraining – Just Under Recovery!

In the fitness industry there is always a lot of talk about the best training styles and what types of training best help you achieve your results. But as every regular exerciser would have experienced at one time or another, plateaus in your training happen! If I am smashing myself with 100% effort in every session then why am I not just continually seeing the results of training?

Running – You don’t have to hate it.

It doesn’t have to be the Zombie apocalypse for you to be running. So many people find the thought of running a nightmare, and I’ve had many clients say they’d rather attempt a hundred burpees than run a few km’s!