Redfern Evo’s Survive Oxfam Trail Walker 2018

Annabel inspired, motivated and lead herself and 11 of her Redfern Evo members to tackle the mammoth Oxfam Trail Walker this year. She got her clients to commit, sign up and start their team training 4 months ago and she can safely say 2 weeks post walk they are all still training with her down at the park.

Hitting the Trails

Redfern Evolution is stepping outside of the park and onto the trail, for this years Oxfam Trailwalk. This year is a massive year for both myself as a trainer and also for my clients. We are all jumping outside of our comfort zone and into the unknown to tackle the challenging 50km and 100km Oxfam Trailwalk.

What makes our Evo’s special? Client stories part 2

I’m 65 now, I was just a baby at 59 for my first EVO session. I was walking through Waverton park one Spring morning and saw the flyers … and the rest, 1,100+ sessions later, is history. I think I’ve kind of rusted on to Evo…

You Move Me – Where are we now?

You Move is not so much an achievement as it is the greatest extension of who we can be as a community and how each of us in our own small way has the ability to change the world…