Hitting the Trails

-By Annabel Saies

Redfern Evolution is stepping outside of the park and onto the trail, for this years Oxfam Trailwalk. This year is a massive year for both myself as a trainer and also for my clients. We are all jumping outside of our comfort zone and into the unknown to tackle the challenging 50km and 100km Oxfam Trailwalk.

It all began when we commenced our training back at the start of this year. I declared to my group that I was putting my hand up to tackle the massive 100km Oxfam Trailwalker. As they were casually stretching in their post-session cooldown, I spoke about how I had wanted to do something that not only challenged my own body and mind but also inspired other people to do the same with me. I wanted to be involved in a process that involves preparation, training, collaboration, fundraising all in a team! I love working in teams, it’s how I grew up and it’s where I thrive! Building awareness and raising money for Oxfam especially was also a part of my drive to tackle this huge event. My life has been filled with an abundance of great opportunity, good health, education, love, and shelter. I am grateful to have always felt safe and that I can do anything that I desire, this is special. I have always wanted to contribute back to the world in a larger way than just my immediate community and the Oxfam has brought so much good into peoples lives and had a positive effect on their time here on this earth, so I thought it was a perfect fit.



When I declared my goal for 2018 to my Redfern training community, to be honest, not many heads turned and not many clients were jumping up and down with enthusiasm to join me! However as I started to raise the topic and talk about the event more during and outside of training and in one on ones with my members, we found some common ground and this challenge seemed to fit many of my members’ goals too! Slowly but surely more people came to the party to join me, and we now have 3 teams from our group entering and training for the event.

Team 1. Evo Steppers AKA Steevos
A four-woman strong team. Competitive, determined and keen to get moving and keep going without delays make up our Steevos!! Melinda Lawton, Alison Antony, Megan Bisset, and Gabbi Harhata are a force to be reckoned with and having walked with them before I know that they will not stop until they get across that finish line, in their eyes hopefully first!!

Team 2: Talking Walking Evo’s
A mixed combo of Redfern members was combined to create this sturdy team, all members having trained alongside one another for about 3 years at Redfern. This team is a group of long-lasting friends, people who train together stay together! When you connect 4 people who all care more about their teammates than themselves you are sure to make it through a 50km event regardless of how demanding or challenging the experience may be. Andrew Walsh, Jenna Condie, Shane Grey and Steph Myers make up the Talking Walking Evo’s!


Team 3: 100km of Evolution
A team of varying fitness, age and interest but all here for the common goal, to just do it. Each member of this team is truly committed and believes the journey is more important than the finish line, but I would be lying if I said they all didn’t want to cross it!! We will walk 100km! Andrew Saies, Annabel Saies (ME), Wah Masturi and Aruna Shivam make team ‘100km of Evolution’. On training walks I have seen a group of natural born leaders walk together, collaborate together and let everyone take the lead where best suited depending on the trail ahead.

IMG_0983 2.JPG

I am so proud of my members for putting up their hand, for saying yes to something that scares them, challenges them and pushes them out of their comfort zone. I know that this experience will help them tackle many other challenges yet to come but will also get them saying yes to more things that make them feel uncomfortable!! This is where we grow when we step outside of our comfort zone and into the unknown! This is what really excites me about supporting and motivating people to do things they wouldn’t do alone, who knows what they will be capable of next.

If you feel inspired or want to help us change the lives of others through Oxfam or simply just support an epic journey that we are all on, please head to our fundraising pages and donate. Every small part counts and will add to help all of us make a bigger difference, expanding our support to larger more needy communities in the world!



DONATE BY CLICKING ON ONE OF THE LINKS BELOW, we appreciate your support!

Stepping Evos AKA Steevos  https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/my/team/31344

Talking Walking Evo’s  https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/my/team/31328

100km of Evolution  https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/my/team/31320

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