Client Stories – Redfern

– By Andrew Walsh – Redfern Evolution

I started my EVO journey in January 2015 at Redfern Oval under the watchful gaze of Adam, along with a host of characters (human and animal) who wander/fly in and out of the park during our sessions.  Where else can you have a dog jump onto you whilst concentrating on a plank, or a kitten taking residence under your butt during a bridge hold?!

I had previously done some early morning training so knew I could get up if I wanted to, but making that commitment on a Sunday made me keen to achieve what I said I would do.  I have seen a couple of trainers come and go and met others at Evo events and one constant is always the support and encouragement to keep pushing myself and to show myself what I can do.


I have made great friendships with members at Redfern and also those from other locations that you may see just once or twice a year – there is that common connection – we all know what we are doing on certain days at 6am.

The team at Redfern certainly showed their support for me when my Dad passed away in August 2015, and getting back into training definitely helped me during a difficult period of time.  It is also what gets me to the park at 6am to see those familiar faces, wondering together what Annabel has in store for us or leading us gently thru a Yoga flow that suddenly ends up with trying to do a crow pose (so far unsuccessful, but still trying).

Training with Evo led me back into running, joining a group of Evo’s down at the Bay Run for training and ‘social’ runs leading me to complete the City 2 Surf in 2017 and getting a sub 90 minute time which of course may mean it is time for another marathon soon, having completed New York in 2004 and London in 2007.  Having lived in London during the training for both of those, I definitely prefer the Sydney outdoor training, but still, humidity sucks!  The elements can certainly throw a lot at us early in the morning, but what a way to wake up with a crack of lightning and a clap of thunder or just blinded by the sun halfway through an exercise.


There is always a sense of achievement when 7am hits and someone has achieved a session milestone, or it is just time to go home and get on with the day ahead.  I can honestly say it has been 500+ sessions of hard work with a few laughs and lucky no tears.  I am on a good path of getting fitter and healthier and entering the last year of my forties I definitely want to be fit for 50 to enjoy more travel adventures visiting friends around the world and showing a new me off.


You can join Andrew, his trainer Annabel, and all the amazing crew at Redfern Evolution for a one week free and see the amazing results for yourself: FREE WEEK TRIAL

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