Action, Action, ACTION!

– by Annabel Saies
I am all about ACTION at the moment. Not sitting around waiting, not sitting around thinking about the possibilities of what I could do, or what would happen if I did that… I am saying YES more and just getting on with things, not procrastinating or saying I will do it later or tomorrow or next week, but giving it a go now and seeing what happens next.

How many of you have wished that everything else would just stop and leave you alone so that you would have time, space and freedom to reach your goals achieve the things you want in your life? I know for sure that we all have goals and aspirations for ourselves in relation to our health as you have all openly voiced them to me. So in our minds, we have all committed to wanting to take action on something – for example, let’s say it’s to lose weight. After you have decided to do this you begin the process of talking about it to others, seeking professional advice, researching online how to lose weight, looking up healthy recipes online and following healthy people on social media etc BUT… we miss the most integral part of this process which is the EXECUTION and the ACTION of losing weight!!


I think that we spend too much time thinking about how we are going to do things, we get stuck in our thoughts, in our plans, in the “what if I tried this” or “what if I did that” and they are all just thoughts, we still haven’t taken any action. I believe we hesitate around actioning things, rather we delay everything in our lives. I liken it to a quote from a video I shared with you all on our group Facebook page the other day, it said something like this:

“Start thinking of your life as an emergency, if you don’t immediately wake up to your life and your world and start to do the things that you love, believe in, have a purpose for, have the ability to share, then you are stealing, you are stealing this precious life that you have been given”.

We fear what happens when we chase our dreams and action our goals, because what if we fall short, or fail? The longer we stay inside our minds and our thoughts, the harder it is to get out and actually start what it is we wanted to start. These thoughts can be challenging and so usually what happens is we then turn to rewards of instant gratification, alcohol, sweets, take away, Instagram posts about healthy eating, going back for 2nd or 3rds at dinner time, watching trashy movies or tv, opening the fridge late at night before bed for a cheeky snack. I am not sure if any of this sounds familiar but I know a few of these do for me that’s for sure! My go to when I have not taken action on what I want to see in my life my health is running to the peanut butter jar and going in for a few good-sized spoons of delicious peanut butter or bingeing on chocolate at night and having way too many squares leaving not much chocolate left for another time and scrolling Instagram!! These are all things that distract us away from our goals, and momentarily they satisfy us, to then only make us feel worse upon reflection. It’s a vicious cycle and it’s not taking action towards your goals and your dreams whatever they may be. This happens not just in our health and wellbeing but in our goals for work, family, relationships, everything!

This is how we have conditioned our minds to cope and the longer we stay inside our conditioned minds the longer those goals and aspirations don’t happen, and the next year comes and we are still where we were a year ago. The only way to get out of our conditioned state is to take ACTION, to just get up and get on with it. Start writing that novel, draw that painting, improve your eating and diet, build that business idea, call your loved ones to take action and just do it!!

To fight fear, act. To increase fear — wait, put off, postpone.
– David Joseph Schwartz
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