What makes our Evo’s special? Client stories part 2

– By Janet Robertson

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I’m 65 now, I was just a baby at 59 for my first Evolution session. I was walking through Waverton park one Spring morning and saw the flyers … and the rest, 1,100+ sessions later, is history. I think I’ve kind of rusted on to Evo. Obviously over all those sessions I’ve seen trainers come and go, but more importantly, fellow Evo-ites come and go and sometimes come back. We’ve commiserated with each other about which muscles hurt and why, celebrated milestones and achievements, both personal and Evo related, made friends or simply spent 60 minutes with people other than family or work colleagues who don’t judge or expect anything from us. This collective and individual endeavour each morning is shaped by a different responsibility from our everyday ones.


I like Evo for many reasons, principally that as we are outside there are no nasty mirrors, neon lighting or pumping music … and the kind of people who would love that. Those narcissistic ‘look at me’ folk can keep their gyms. Evo works around differing abilities, so it’s what you can do, rather than what you can’t, although I do mourn not being able to run any more, I sometimes dream of running and wake with sadness I can’t anymore.

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I’ve always been an early riser, so the time never bothers me … and as I love being outside, the weather is a pleasure whatever it throws at us. Somehow it grounds me, making me remember humans are just specks in the scheme of things. Often Evo trainers talk about mindfulness, so at 6.00am when I’m in the same place pretty much doing the same thing throughout the year, it’s then the seasons, the birds flying and singing around and above us oblivious to our petty concerns,  dogs pelting about in love with inhaled scents and each other, starry skies fading to pale blue, aeroplane vapour trails promising future holidays, crisp air giving us dragon breath, scary smoky orange summer skies telling of dreams in ashes, flaming sunrises stopping us in our tracks, sulky dark grey mornings, the full moon giving us moon shadows in the winter dark,  rain and its companion that delicious perfume of earth and life, cold temperatures making noses run and an appreciation for cosy clothing and gloves , hot temperatures sapping our energy, humidity creating sweat we haven’t earned, all generate for me a continuum of mindfulness and contentment reminding me I’m simply a mammal.



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