Purpose in 220 words – By Mike Britton

In this bite-sized blog I am going to drill into the meaty topic of life’s purpose/ vision and how it is distinct from and integrated with one’s mission.

I propose that one’s vision and one’s purpose are one in the same and that it is expressed as a way of being in all and every situation which is why it is one’s purpose because it is not dependent on anything other than a commitment to a way of being

Here goes:

“I remain curious, gentle & graceful in every situation. That’s my commitment as a way of being” – and my way of being is my vision for myself and my life.


There are many perspectives on how vision is different to mission. My own personal distinction is that my vision is like my purpose as a way of being in all situations.

As my vision for my life it can then be applied to all situations because it’s my commitment as a way of being in spite of the situation in which I may find myself.



This defining type of behaviour is key to understand and define for yourself as part of your personal evolution. It becomes your reference point for every interaction and a way for you to measure yourself according to the way you wish to be in the world.

To determine what it is for yourself stop and reflect on how you would like to behave in a challenging situation. The context does not matter, it is irrelevant whether it is work, home, community or driving your car.

Whatever resonates for you will then require consistent behaviours in order to be realised. There is no right or wrong answer to this just feel into it and reflect for yourself.  Consider that what you come to is your purpose as a way of being.

Keep moving and keep learning
Onwards and upwards


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