You Move Me – Where are we now?


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You Move is not so much an achievement as it is the greatest extension of who we can be as a community and how each of us in our own small way has the ability to change the world.

We have compromised on the original idea and our goal is to bring it back because the original (as is often the case) was the best.
The original concept was as follows:
  1. Align with a charity across the world as an extension of the idea that we are ALL connected
  2. make the connection with that charity or people is something related to movement because we at evolution are a movement of people who create movement for people
  3. Connect with others who have had movement taken away – namely amputees
  4. Request of evolution members NOT their money but their commitment to themselves
  5. And how is that done, link the donation made by evolution staff and trainers (not clients) to the clients attendance milestones
  6. Link all the clients in a specific group to the milestone so that it becomes a group effort
  7. If the milestone is hit then the donation is triggered and true partnership is achieved
  8. And through that You Move Me literally changes the lives of people across the world
To date, we have transformed hundreds of lives through our YMM Charity in Bolivia. That impact is not visceral and is really not contemplated by us and that is our aim and commitment moving forward. To inspire our trainers and our clients to be aware of the incredible difference that they are making each and every session by keeping You Move Me alive.
The flame is dim but it is not extinguished and we will continue to nurture it so that it burns strong throughout evolution.
Onward and upward
Team Evo
You Move Me - Intro Pack page 1

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