Hit the Trails & Run Free

It is easy to train indoors when the conditions outside are slightly uncomfortable. Yet, that is not why we do what we do. Evo training is about far more than just your session and getting a bit of movement into your week. We are aiming to tackle some of the big challenges in modern times, the loss of connection. You see, on many levels, there has never been a more connected society in human history. The world is getting smaller and smaller with the interweb giving access to connection points such as Facebook, our phones making us contactable 24/7 and being able to fly pretty much anywhere in less than 24 hours. But in a way, this extreme connection has actually left people feeling more disconnected than ever before. People have several hundred friends on Facebook and followers on Instagram, yet research is continually showing that the feeling of loneliness is being identified with more and more often. People are disengaged with their lives and this can be seen with job satisfaction steadily decreasing each year, lifestyle-based health conditions on the rise and people not being present or conscious of the condition of our planet. 


For me, one of the most amazing ways to reconnect is simply by being in nature. If it is not training at the park in the morning, one of my favourite ways to get this feeling is out on the trails running. The feeling of being away from the people, away from modern civilisation, no roads, no watches, no time constraints – Freedom. 

I am certainly not alone in this feeling, the trail running community is continually getting bigger and bigger. This is no surprise, especially if you have engaged in any evolutionary biology or have an interest in how human’s have managed to become such a dominant species. We don’t have claws, we are not strong like a gorilla, we’re slower than the slowest horse and stand on 2 legs instead of 4, so our balance is never going to be as good as the most wobbly cat; unfortunately, Muhammad Ali was wrong – we can’t float like a butterfly nor sting like a bee. This being the case, what was the thing that allowed us to have the competitive edge over much stronger, faster and smarter animals that allowed our brains to grow and become one of the most dominant species on the planet? Simple:



According to the ‘Running Man Theory’, it is our unique ability to sweat that makes us the best land marathoners on the planet. This being the case, running is one of the most natural movements that all humans were born to do.

Observing recreational activities often gives us a unique insight into the nature of a species. From the day you can walk, you’re pushing yourself to run. Kids are born to play, and through play, they learn. Running, swinging, jumping, these are how kids express themselves, in the most connected and free ways of being. Running has always been a favourite pastime of modern human society. Globally, running is the single most participated sport. From 2003-2013 the number of Australian’s running marathons has over tripled and ‘Fun Runs’ such as the City2Surf, which started with 2000 people has now reached a capacity of over 80,000 people. The simple fact is that we LOVE to run and once you begin you become addicted to the most natural and primitive of human sports. 

The human body is made to move and capable of incredible physical feats. If we could just relieve ourselves from our perceived limitations and tap into our eternal fires, the possibilities are endless. So hit the trails, enjoy reconnecting to the art of play; enjoy making time, playing hard and most importantly, running free. ~ The Evo Run Team!

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