Hit the Trails & Run Free

It is easy to train indoors when the conditions outside are slightly uncomfortable. Yet, that is not why we do what we do. Evo training is about far more than just your session and getting a bit of movement into your week. We are aiming to tackle some of the big challenges in modern times, the loss of connection…


Tips For Adjusting To Daylight Savings

Everyone gets excited when we spring forward into Daylight Savings time, it marks the end of winter, and lighter evenings with more sunshine to bask in. But, there are downsides when it comes to staying on track with your training through this transition period, especially if you like to work out in the mornings. Losing an hour of sleep may not seem like much but your body only needs small changes to potentially send it into chaos…

What is the “Core” anyway?

One of the most common sayings across all areas of the fitness industry is when a yoga teacher, lifting coach, Pilates teacher, HIIT trainer, Les Mills Instructor, Dance teacher, boxing coach etc will say; “Turn on your Core muscles”. But what is the ‘Core’ anyway and why do so many people talk about this magical Core?