Building Community

– By Mike Britton

Evolution was founded on the whole idea of communities of people training together in their local beach or park and supported by a lead trainer who was as much community connector as they were fitness trainer.

Since then (2001 to be exact) much has evolved but our intention remains the same and that is to build a core community of clients and trainers that impact lives, grow together and contribute to the greater community specifically through our You Move me project, providing prosthetic limbs to amputees in Bolivia.

It is expressed is articulated in our Evo secret source document:

“In a world that increasingly seeks comfort over discomfort, devices over human connection, virtual communities over authentic eye to eye skin to skin contact, emojis over feelings, fluorescent lighting over the rays of the sun, earphones pumping music over the sound of our own breathing or the song of a bird, air conditioning over sun wind and rain, indoors over outdoors – Along comes evolution to bring us back to the fresh air on our face, the wind in our hair, the sand beneath our toes, real people around us, engaged, connected, in nature, local, at a park, by the sea, doing what we were designed to do, move with community, timeless, profound, simple, expressed, at peace, soulful. 
This is evolution. This is life”

Group Sunrise

As we move into spring 2017, having come out of our 17th winter of evolution training and another successful winter warrior I see that community in action and I know what is still possible.

Seeing over 70 people brave the frigid waters in Camp Cove a couple of weeks ago I know that the core of evolution is still strong. That is important to remember because we are going through a period where outdoor training is not as trendy as it once was BUT the kernel is still there.

I know that in time as we get better at transmitting our message that we will remind people of the beauty of a sunrise, the priceless experience of watching a whale breach, the joy of wind and rain on one’s face and the sheer exhilaration that comes with an early morning training habit.

That is how we will continue to build community – a dedicated leadership team, passionate trainers and clients who love what we do, how we do it and where we do it.

Onward and upwards – Mike

What is your favourite time of year to train? Let us know in the comments below!

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