What makes an Evo trainer different? Trainer Stories Part 1

1st up for our blog series ‘Evo Trainer Stories’ is leader and trainer of the Redfern Tribe Annabel Saies.


I am 26 years old, Adelaide born and raised and I drinks green smoothies for breakfast. So far so good? Although only 3 years young as a community leader and trainer for Evolution my relationship with Evo delves much deeper. I first found Evo (or maybe Evo found me) when I had just moved to Sydney after living in Perth for 3 years. Upon arrival I only knew the friendly face of my sister and my two new housemates Jade and Sophie Starling, who are in fact still Evo clients. Always an early riser and very competitive in nature, after hearing their 6am alarms and seeing them arriving home after what clearly looked like an awesome workout made me hungry to get involved and to join them on their early morning escapes! The girls introduced me to Evolution and after a week trial I became hooked and a consistent ‘Keen and Committed’ member of the Rushy Crew! Everything was smooth sailing training with Evo and some highlights that stood out for me were definately Friday Boxing, Cam’s ab workouts and yoga moves, getting asked out on a date from a fellow Rushy member at the time and of course the day that Barton Tanner took over the group as our trainer. From this moment onwards everything changed for me, both at Evo and in life, changing direction down a path I had never imagined for myself.


I rode the Evolution wave and like all our Evo trainers say ‘your training commitments and engagement in your group generally reflects the other areas of your life too’, so we can see a direct connection to our behaviours through our outdoor training experience and life. As a rushy member I was just shy of my first massive Evolution milestone of 50 sessions when Barton decided he would instead hire me to be the Rushcutter’s Bay Yoga Instructor. Never receiving my blue band and certificate, something to this very day I still don’t play down! However soon after this other huge milestone ‘Resident Yogi at Rushy’, I became Rushy 2nd trainer, roaming Evo and Waverton Yoga Instructor. Paying visit’s to multiple Kliks to train multiple different Evo clients, North Sydney, Balmain and of course Rushy. So now 5 years since my first meeting with Evolution I am the proud trainer of Redfern Park Evolution and will have been training the group for 3 years this November.


Dance and Yoga was were it all began and training in these two very subtle and inner internal body techniques definitely showed me a way to move with more awareness, breath and to find release. Dance has been a passion since I was a young teenager and was a mode of release and self-expression. Yoga became a way for me to slow down, switch off the mind and lower my anxiety in the chaos that I felt when first arriving in Sydney. From Adelaide to Perth the big city was a huge step and when you’re not used to traffic, to powerful and demanding industries and a culture that strives for more and at a fast pace Yoga was my oasis. Yoga and Dance have definately shaped the way I train people at Evolution. I have an eye for detail and awareness about form and posture in the body and the integration of breath, body awareness and increasing someone’s range of motion alongside building strength which definitely comes from Yoga and Dance. In both these two practices you aspire to work towards your fullest capacity, to the greatest range of motion and to find fluidity and freedom in the body. It becomes a lot about find those feel good vibes, expressing yourself and moving efficiently and all of the above definitely shows in the way I train my group. Creativity in my programming and sequencing is also something I have a lot to give as a trainer. I am constantly redesigning programs, yoga flows and integrating various movement modalities to keep my guys excited and stimulated in sessions and there is always an element of fun. I love to laugh, smile and be happy so games and play come into my sessions so that I too can share a laugh with the members as they do with each other.


Ever since I can remember I have been a mover, motivator and a person who wants to make her mark. I regard my connection to Evolution as very special and unique and it definitely shapes how I am as a trainer and community leader! From member to Redfern Klik Trainer I want to thank Evolution, as I wouldn’t be where I was today if wasn’t for that first 6am training session outdoors and the fact that all the trainers – my fellow work partners – have supported and inspired me to take risks along the way.

– By Annabel Saies

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