Goals of a Champion Winter Warrior

In the process of creating any champion of Winter Warrior, it is impossible to not bring up the idea of Goals. When I talk about Goals, I think it is incredibly important to connect them with your mind and emotions as well. Let me tell you straight, when I was going through school and used to hear about goals when I never liked them. I mean I really resisted goals as most people do. Now I’m going to tell you why, and if it’s not true just say ‘that wasn’t true for me’ – keeping in mind disagreement and challenge are the key to progress.

The reason we resisted goals in our experience of growing up, is because it always appeared to us that it was someone else’s idea for how I should be or perform. Expectations of someone else, for me and it seemed like I never got the vote on it. So when I get that feeling, I have a sense about me that I want to resist. I like to know that I am somewhat dictating some of the rules of the game. Incidentally, that’s why people don’t write down their goal. You don’t write down your goals because you know you’re not going to keep your word. It’s amazing how heavy a pen can get when someone says to you ‘ok we’re going to write down our goals’. Then even once we start writing them down, notice how limited they can become. Saying to yourself, ‘I can’t do that one’.  Really, this is just your self talk again, it is directly linked back to your self-esteem and the story that you have created about yourself.



What if I were to suggest to you that these are connected, but you could hold them contextually in a new way? In other words, nothing’s going to change except the way you hold it and then everything changes. We are not about changing the conditions, rather we are about changing the way that you interact with the conditions.

Now let’s talk about the most important thing to a person; ourselves. To paraphrase what Dr Maxwell Molts has said, human beings are obviously like a bicycle. If a bicycle isn’t moving towards something it will lose its equilibrium and it will fall over. Well you and I are designed exactly like that emotionally. If we are not going towards something, our life force, our energies are just kind of splintered and splattered and they can not produce results like that. If I know that I am made with an intellect and that gift of intellect is also a responsible gift, because I have that intellect I can either shape or co-create things in my experience. We can see this within the animal kingdom. There is no need to take all the wombats who are born in January and give them lessons in foraging 101. They instinctively know what to do, as animals have instinct and are almost programmed in what to do next. You and I, because we have the gift of creative imagination, have a whole set of responsibilities to tune in to how we’re truly made as human beings. All you need to do is observe people who are up to something, people who are out to achieve something. You’ll notice there is a different spark, a different demeanour about them. There is something attractive about people who are intending to do something, have you noticed that? What you are seeing is a human beings true self-expression. To be consistent with who you are, the machinery of how you are made, is compelling and we need to be compelled to reach out and achieve.


So why set goals? Because it’s consistent with your nature; it garners your energies and it focuses your energies to get things done. What begins to happen when you’re focused is in your sleep you’ll begin to create blueprints for achieving what it is that you want next. You’ve all experienced this! The reason is once you know what you want, my mind MUST align with what I want and help me to get it and that is the fantastic part of how our minds can work with us when we are compelled to achieve!

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