Self Image (Part 2)

What a great week of training this week! It’s amazing having everyone going so well with their Winter Warrior progress. In last weeks blog I spoke about how our limiting beliefs have generally come from well-intentioned people in our lives, and this has shaped our self-image in the present day. Today I want to talk about how we might improve the self-image. Often you hear people talk about self image and talk about self image and you never get to dissect it so that you can see, how you actually improve a self image.

First of all, if our self-image is based upon a belief system, and the belief systems are based upon the patterns of my mind – my definitions and interpretations of the events. I develop those by ascribing themes to the stimuli that come into me. I make things mean something. All the things that happen to me, I have self talk about those and I make them mean something. I acquired some beliefs and you acquired some beliefs about yourself out of the patterns of your thinking, and these became habitual.




Then what we get into is what I call resisting who I am. When I understand that I need to do something about my self-image, the first thing that people tend to do is go; ‘well I need to change’. How many people have made promises that they are going to change, to find that they are actually worse off a month later than when they started? It is true for all of us and the reason is, ‘that which you resist about you, persists about you’. You’re paying so much attention to it, gives it in a sense being-ness and lets it be. What you need to do is not focus on what’s wrong with yourself, rather focus on what you want to be. Get a vision of where you’re heading and stay focused on where you’re heading. You’ll be amazed, you’ll start to get engaged in new activities.

Now we’re looking at the real substance of changing your self-image. Ultimately, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone. Which incidentally if you really knew what a comfort zone was, you’d be only too eager to jump out. It’s so inconsistent with your capabilities as a human being. It’s a tremendous illusion that people are living with and they don’t really understand that they are slowly killing themselves. They don’t see that their true nature is to achieve, to stretch, to excel, to reach.




So now I’m going to take a look and say, ok, let’s say you have a bad habit, it’s part of your self-image that keeps getting you down. I have a habit of procrastinating, or not keeping my word or whatever it might be for you. And you keep resisting that habit, what you’re actually doing is becoming further engaged. Dr Dunlop, a researcher in behavioural Psychology, stated clearly that the harder one tried to break a habit the more ingrained it became. Most of us have been taught to resist and fight and change. Rather, if you were taught to look beyond it. What is it you want to replace it with and focus your mental energies their, this thing sort of dissipates in the process. Now you’re willing to explore and engage in new activities, and here’s what happens when you engage in new activities. When you engage in new activities, you have now extended your domain of possibilities in direct proportion to your willingness to keep venturing out. You have now positioned yourself for a tremendous phenomena, and that is you can now become successful in some new things you’re trying.


That’s how you’re going to restructure your self-image. Because your self-image is based upon what you believe, it is a set of beliefs about yourself and you cannot lie on top of a set of fundamental beliefs. If I were to believe myself incapable based upon a set of experiences, then who I am is incapable until I can have some new experiences that I succeed at – some new input, some new data and now I can have some new beliefs.

There’s the phenomena of changing the self-image. It is not about resistance, it is about starting that you are ok exactly where you are at!

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