Running – You don’t have to hate it.

By Camille Pruitt

It doesn’t have to be the Zombie apocalypse for you to be running. So many people find the thought of running a nightmare, and I’ve had many clients say they’d rather attempt a hundred burpees than run a few km’s!

Here’s my top tips for making running a little more enjoyable, maybe even “fun”

1. Buddy Up

There’s nothing like having a friend to share the run with, the time will pass so much quicker and before you know it you’ll be done. It also means you are far more likely to actually do it, as you know you are being held accountable by your partner, and you won’t want to let them down!


2. Splash out on some new gear

Think how good it feels hitting the town in that new dress… Now translate that to exercise – when you have an outfit you really like to wear, you are going to enjoy working out it it! Also make sure you invest in some good quality shoes that have been fitted to your feet and running style.


3. Reward yourself

Finish up your run near your local cafe / pub. There’s nothing like a celebratory coffee / wine to give you that push to actually go for a run. After a few runs you’ll probably find you don’t even need that drink to get you out the door!

4. Tune out the run

Pump up the volume. Music has an amazing way of giving you a little extra boost. I love to run to music where the tempo of the tracks are slightly faster than I would normally run so it always keeps me pushing a little harder to keep up. Plus good music really makes the time fly!

5. Go offroad

City runs can get pretty boring rather quick. Find some trails that have great scenery. Coastline tracks or forest tracks are a great way to keep your brain occupied as you are constantly looking around to see what’s coming next.



6. Give back – run for charity

You are more likely to enjoy the accomplishment when you feel like it is worthwhile. Find a charity run and you will be surprised how motivated you are when you know every step you take is for a good cause.



7. Lock in a date – no not a romantic one!

Find an event, set the date in your calendar and actually pay the registration fee. Then tell everyone you are doing the event. Maybe even get a few friend/family along too and enter as a team. This sets your intention and also means you can’t back out!!

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