EvolutionStartsAt6am.com – Reasons why you should exercise in the morning

By Camille Pruitt

Why is 6am so important to Evo’s? Getting up in the morning is something we all (well most of us) do. Getting up an hour earlier than everyone else is what Evo’s do. There is something quite exhilarating about getting out of bed at the crack of dawn, throwing on your workout gear and dashing out the door to go challenge your body.

There’s that sense of anticipation, “what is the morning going to look like?” The most amazing part of working out at 6am is the sunrise. There is nothing better than looking up from a squat to see that glow on the horizon and feel the sunlight slowly caress your face. And no two sunrises are the same – they always surprise me how different they look.

Group Sunrise

You start your day in such a great mood. It’s hard not to smile to yourself as you walk in the door from a morning workout and strip off those sweaty clothes heading straight for the shower. The endorphins are flowing and you are ready to tackle anything. I have waaaaaay more energy throughout my day after a morning blast and I find that my brain is so much more alert.

One thing I love about the mornings is watching everyone else drag themselves out the door while I emerge in leaps and bounds knowing I have already conquered a 20kg kettlebell. I have bragging rights to say I’ve already done an awesome workout when I see my colleagues at work. It also leaves time for other priorities. I know that if anything comes up in the evening, I can go do it. No feeling guilty that I skipped a workout cause I have already done it! Drinks after work on a Friday? Yes thank you very much – I have earned it.

Even if you accomplish nothing else for the day, at least you have moved your body! You are more likely to eat healthier foods when you have started off your morning with a good workout. Your metabolisim has had a great boost by working out in the morning, and research shows you burn more calories when you do your workout in the morning as opposed to an evening session of the same intensity. Some studies suggest you can burn up to 20 percent more body fat by exercising in the morning before your first meal. Just make sure you refuel straight after with good quality protein and carbohydrates. My fave is an egg on toast.

Google session

Not a morning person? Well to be honest no-one really is a morning person. It takes a couple of weeks to adjust your body to the routine, but once you do, you are likely to find that you actually crave that early workout. You are far more likely to be consistent with your training when you get it done first thing before fatigue, kids or that overdue report for the boss etc gets in your way.

There is also a sense of camaraderie with your other evo’s in the morning, they have all got themselves out of bed too, and you are braving the early start together. Sharing the sunrise together. Sharing a laugh together. And sharing a good ‘ol sweat together. It creates an amazing sense of achievement if you get out of bed to train at 6am no matter what the weather gods throw at you. It’s way more than just a workout, its a way of life!

Love Evo

Want to know how to make your day really shine? Join us for a workout of course!



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